Monday, August 24, 2015

Delicious Recipes...Amish Friendship Bread

I wanted to make sure that in this blog I posted recipes to share.  Whether they were links to wonderful, yummy foods or tasty, recipes friends and family want to share I figured food sharing is fun!

We all have heard and know about Amish Friendship Bread, right? Where you either start it off yourself and pass out the zipped baggies of bread goo to watch and feed and nurture for a couple weeks then bake and pass out either more goo to friends and family or your kitchen ends up feeling like a science experiment gone awry. My family absolutely loves this bread!

I used to love eating it too, that is til I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes and took about 99% of sugars/carbs/starches off my menu. I promised my family they would still get my delicious baked goods and homemade foods so when I mentioned Amish Bread the other night there was a dinner table of smiling faces.

My athletes need their mixture of proteins and carbs for all they do, so as long as I have all the ingredients, the science experiments shall begin (tee hee).

This is the link for Amish Friendship Bread from the beginning - in case you do not have a friend or family member who is in the midst of creating the bags of goo. This link is incredible. You can find the recipe of the starter mix and so much more! The list of the variations of different breads in huge and makes me want to try to bake them (except for this nasty summer heat).

This link is fun!!!

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