Monday, September 7, 2015

So, since it's "that time of year" I decorate for Fall. Even though in San Diego there is very little Fall-ish weather and its just miserably hot, and hot, and did I say hot? But maybe it makes me feel better seeing an attempt at making it seem Fall weather in my house.

I don't go overboard with huge amounts of pumpkins (don't ask Jim though) or crafty, homey stuff but what I do create are small areas of "pretty". Even if it's with Fall plates or Halloween plates.

We have a large fireplace in our family room (for Jim, it was the selling point when we bought our house many eons ago) and that has always been loads of fun for decorating, no matter what time of year but especially Fall and Christmastime. So, throughout the house there are "pretty" areas with just enough "stuff" for it to be Fall without people tripping over pumpkins or freaking out about something that is used in decorating.

What you have to understand is, I don't decorate for Halloween unless its something cute and adorable because I'm one of those few people that is not fond of Halloween and so it's not high on my list for decorating. My girls don't really trick or treat, they would both rather give out candy to the trick or treaters (yes, even the 7 year old) then do it because they love seeing the itty-bitties toddle up to
the porch and they squeal (yes, even the 14 year old) about how cute they are. Of course, the rule is, when the hideous teen boys come up then I get the job of handing out candy...ain't I lucky??

So, therefore, my house is cute and adorable for Fall without being ghoulish or scary which is nice since I don't need to frighten myself over decorations when Maverick, the psycho cat, feels like getting me up at 2 a.m. because he is bored. Hello? Maverick? Really??

This is Maverick....say hello. Meow. And thus, the cat. He has huge bunny-sized back feet and slightly bat-ish ears. But he can be lovable at times (mostly when he's in trouble).


The other lovely thing about this time of year is FOOTBALL and for Jim, it's College and NFL Football, while for me it's NFL Football and all the teams I love to watch!!! My two girls are fanatics about football which is a glorious thing to watch each year is they learn more about the rules and regulations and teams. In our house we are NOT, nope, never, ever fans EVER of the Oakland Raiders. Being native San Diegans might have a humongous thing to do with it. But my other teams are the Eagles, Redskins (and yes, I have no issue with their name and yes, I am part Blackfoot Indian so let's just not go down that road, m'kay), Falcons and Broncos. And I yes, of course, the Chargers are on the list of teams this house loves. YAY TEAM!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Only specific creatures give me the willies....

My morning started out with the cat not bothering me continuously before sunrise, which I should have taken as a weird omen that something was going to happen.  And it did. As I open the front door and security door so Jim could leave (hands full) for work I was greeted by a Praying Mantis sitting near the doorway under the porch overhang.

Mind you, the last time I actually saw a praying mantis that close and not in anything relating to science I think I was a teenager, so I took it as a sign. Which sign it was I could not tell you but I have it narrowed down to one of four things:

1. Precursor to insects trying to hide from the approaching El Nino (that's an incorrect "n" for the specification, but Word is crabby right now)  Season and staking claim on prime real estate that's dry. 
2. There is a coming apocalypse and he thought my front porch was a safe haven (no, not sure if it was a "he", just going with the flow).
3. It got lost.
4. It was a stupid bug (refer to #3).
So, with all that running through my mind, another thought ran through my mind, as well. Our wonderful bug spray super hero was coming by today to spray against bugs that give me the willies (we live near a lake and even though its the "burbs" we have a huge amount of fauna of the insect kind here in San Diego County) and I didn't want it on my shoulders that I didn't rescue a stupid bug (I went with sign #4) and it died from whatever.
So after Jim drove off to fight the demons that are San Diego morning traffic, I went inside and grabbed a clear plastic container and thin piece of cardboard that I happened to save from yesterday for some unknown reason (humming "Twilight Zone" music right now), and I headed outside to safely move the mantis to one of our potted plants.
And why couldn't this have been easy? Refer to #4 above. I tried scooting him with the cardboard and he just drunkenly walked around the corner of the porch and stopped at the mailbox. Dagnabit! Okay, now to trap the little booger, slid the cardboard underneath and carry him to his new safe zone in one of the potted plants. Picture this, an intelligent, college graduate mom of two arguing with a flailing wing-flapping bug. Trying to explain to this creature he was going somewhere better and I was being nice, while he flapping his wings with the ferocity of a hawk (a tiny green hawk).
Did everything turn out great? Why, yes it did. He got dumped on the plant and I feel better knowing I helped one of God's creatures today.
Sheesh! And by the way....the ones that give me the willies shall not be named and are EW!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My love for school supplies has never stopped...

So with the 2015-2016 school year already starting or almost ready to start (depending on the school district your child is in), it's fun for me to look over school supplies.

I have always loved school supplies and office supplies (now that I am an adult). My favorite thing when I was younger was my brand new crayon box. I loved opening the lid of the crayon box and seeing all the different hues and shades and colors and seeing the still sharp points ready to be used. But I didn't want to ruin them yet I needed to. Yes, I guess that should have been my wake up call to how much I would love getting ready for school every year when I was in school (through college) and how much I am enjoying homeschooling my 7 year old.

It's been a whirlwind of a ride since Jim and I made the decision in mid-February of this last school year to take her out of the private school she was in and homeschool her, with me as the teacher, cafeteria lady, bus driver, counselor, and wearer of more hats. She was not be challenged in her old school and was being pigeonholed into waiting for the rest of the class to catch up or she was helping "teach". You cannot do that to a gifted child who continually is thirsting for another layer of knowledge after quickly learning the previous layer.

So now, my youngest is working on middle school schoolwork and diving in to the incredible worlds of annd not limited to: Astronomy, Ancient World History, American History, beginning Geometry and finishing up figuring out fractions, understanding the many layers of Language Arts, Foreign Languages, and Music, and Art Appreciation. Believe me, she appreciates and loves the large amount of choices for learning!

It's a blast to watch her voice an opinion about lessons and field trips (we love our field trips) and what she wants to go off-topic and learn more about before learning the next chapter. Hearing her different ways of figuring out problems is fun and a learning experience for steps I may never have used to find the answers. I know not everyone believes in homeschooling or can do homeschooling, but for this mom, it has been an excellent and very happy choice.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Delicious Recipes...Amish Friendship Bread

I wanted to make sure that in this blog I posted recipes to share.  Whether they were links to wonderful, yummy foods or tasty, recipes friends and family want to share I figured food sharing is fun!

We all have heard and know about Amish Friendship Bread, right? Where you either start it off yourself and pass out the zipped baggies of bread goo to watch and feed and nurture for a couple weeks then bake and pass out either more goo to friends and family or your kitchen ends up feeling like a science experiment gone awry. My family absolutely loves this bread!

I used to love eating it too, that is til I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes and took about 99% of sugars/carbs/starches off my menu. I promised my family they would still get my delicious baked goods and homemade foods so when I mentioned Amish Bread the other night there was a dinner table of smiling faces.

My athletes need their mixture of proteins and carbs for all they do, so as long as I have all the ingredients, the science experiments shall begin (tee hee).

This is the link for Amish Friendship Bread from the beginning - in case you do not have a friend or family member who is in the midst of creating the bags of goo. This link is incredible. You can find the recipe of the starter mix and so much more! The list of the variations of different breads in huge and makes me want to try to bake them (except for this nasty summer heat).

This link is fun!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

It's Coming Up To "That Time of Year" again...

I absolutely love Fall (just a couple more weeks then my pumpkins can come out of hibernation)! It means that cooler weather is coming and apple season and pumpkin season and time for the NFL to be in full swing! Yes, I love my football! But that's for another post.

This time of year I start revving up into a higher gear because Christmastime or Hanukkah will be here before we know it (for those who shop) and the usual commentary around Thanksgiving about "wow, this time just flew by" and "the holidays are too soon" will be heard while festive music can be heard in the background and and happy decorations are everywhere. Unless you live in Grinch-like neighborhoods, and if you do, I am so sorry.

I have a few friends who own their own businesses and would love to give a huge shout out to them and share their web pages/links. You can peruse their pages for possible presents (See what I did there? Alliteration is fun!). I trust and back these products, because I have either used them or I have worn them and love them!!!

Let's take a look, shall we?

Oh Whimsical Me - My dear friend Nadine has a beautiful jewelry making business. She is fantastic and very creative. Nadine will personalize your jewelry needs and she is incredible. Check out her biz page and give her a try. Exceptional workmanship and quality - I have a few personalized bracelets myself and absolutely adore them!!! Head over to and dive in. You won't be disappointed.

Posh Beauty - My friend Lisa is part of an incredible company that sells American made beauty products that you will fall for and love!! I have used a great many products throughout the line and can attest to the fact that you will not be disappointed. Skip on over to and enjoy your shopping!

That's two for now but there will be more....

Saturday, August 22, 2015

"Not all superheroes wear capes."

Hi, I'm Khriste, and this is my blog...
So, let me explain what this blog is all about. I wanted to be able to share my ideas, recipes, homeschooling information, friends blogs and businesses, and inspirations for life in some fashion. I've had so many friends nudge me to create a blog, put it all on a blog page, and share what I find or know with everyone and let others share, as well.
I guess that would have me begin with telling everyone who I am. I've been married to my wonderful hubby, Jim, for 18 years and am raising two beautiful and smart daughters. The oldest is a volleyball fanatic and freshman this Fall at an incredible high school geared toward her passion of the medical field. The youngest is a competitive figure skater and is my little homeschooler. She's  got me for a teacher (she's so lucky) and even though she's 7, she's gifted and working in school subjects that are from 6th through 8th grade, depending on the subject.
Life would be easier if they both were volleyballers or both figure skaters, but no one said life was easy (and yes we do channel our parents verbally, eek) and I am more then happy to be their taxi to practices and games and competitions. Their passion is awe inspiring!!!
I wasn't always a homeschooler, but I was given a great opportunity a couple years ago and haven't looked back (thank you, Jim!).I have a wonderful group of homeschooling Moms that are my "rocks" along with the public schooling Moms and Dads, I am waving at all of you!
I'm not only a homeschooler, but a freelance editor, and crafter. Mom of many hats and very little sleep - but then sleep is overrated!!!